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Full name (Badar ud Din Badar), known as Badar Artist. He is internationally recognized personality with having experience in multi-dimensional fields.Badar initiated his career as board painter in 1966.

Spending early time of his career in Faisalabad (hometown), he moved to Lahore to enhance his skills and to sharpen his techniques to create effective and communicative designs. 

Achieving some of his objectives in Lahore, he came back to Faisalabad and launched his own design agency for commercial designing. He introduced wide range of expertise from design to finish like textile designing, calligraphy, photography, screen printing, film/plate processing, die making and abstract painting. He is considered to be the pioneer of “Khat-e-Tuk” which gained much popularity and boosted his potential to the advanced level designer.

Badar shifted to Saudi Arabia for global exposure. He joined the biggest firm of KSA. After 20 years of experience and recognition as world’s well known designer, Badar came back to his hometown to offer variety of techniques and Saudi – Pak talent hunt.

Badar, keeping help from legends in arts and people who are actively serving society, launched an academy of Art and Design entitled “Fanoon Academy”. The very first academy which will not only serve the new generation to polish up their skills but it will reward sufficiently to its teachers (artists) as well.

Badar Artist keeps updating his work on his website and uploads on facebook as soon as it is ready for display.